With the focus at the representation and due to adjusting of the standards for the creative and inventive work, the ISD aims to award regularly in the domain of lighting design.

We see this award as a step towards wider social perception of lighting design – as the domain that considerably determine the scenic form including the implantation of new technologies into the contemporary art.

We see awarding of the lighting component of performative arts as a prestigious event of the domain – either for individual or for technical-artistic culture in general. The declaration of certain level of quality might serve as a motivation for particular lighting designers in their work and it may become the impulse for wider discussion within professional public.

Even though the ILD ensures objectiveness and authority of the jury, it does not always perceive their decision as an indisputable one – the jury’s conclusion should serve rather as initiation of discussion as for professionals and for public as well.

The Lighting Design Award is given within the festival Czech Dance Platform.

Jury member participation is voluntary and for free.