Lighting Design Award 2014

For the sixth time an international jury gathered at the festival, this year consisting of Pascale Bongiovanni, Daniel Tesař and Tomáš Morávek. The basic criteria by which lighting design was judged, were the following:

Technical realization – focus, light and space, colour and colour combination, cues and timing.

Designer’s realization – movement and action, idea (originality), concept, coordination of the lighting with the performance.

Personal opinion – how the jury experienced the performance as a whole, how they perceived the other elements of the performance.

Some of the works performed at the Czech Dance Platform festival did not need evaluation of the lighting design, as the lighting did not play a key part in the show. The two performances the jury found the most interesting were Animal Carnival (Karneval zvířat) and Correction (Korekce), basically for one reason. Lighting design can originate in two ways: the first way involves the teamwork of a collective, including all the show’s components (video, light, sound, action); the second way is through the separate work of creative individuals, who together try to create a whole combining their individual ideas.


The collective around Barbora Látalová took a courageous step and decided to use light as a means of communication to enhance the connection with the children and the audience. The teamwork of creative individuals trying to create a whole through their separate work was in this case unique. In combination with the clever dramaturgy it makes Animal Carnival into a unique performance.

Likewise, the jury appraised the original and professional approach of Katarína Ďuricová for her work on the performance Correction by VerTe Dance and Jiří Havelka. The jury recognized her individual contribution, which beautifully corresponded with the idea and the poetry of the performance. It clearly concerned the work of a designer with a remarkable sense of perceiving all the performance’s components and with the ability to realize an integral lighting concept at the expense of her own visibility.

The international jury decided to grant an award to each of these two pieces of work in which, in a unique way, the creators managed to attain a perfect symbiosis between the technical component and the performance itself.

  • Lighting Design Award