The European Lighting School was a joint project of three institutions from the Czech Republic (Institute of Lighting Design Prague), Netherlands (instituut Lichtontwerpen) and Slovakia (ANTÉNA – sieť pre nezávislú kultúru). The outcome of their efforts includes a variety of activities. Firstly, there have been 9 international workshops organised in three countries on various topic as light in public places, galleries, cultural centres, classical and site specific theatre.  It provided an opportunity of experiencing different approaches to lighting design to students from several countries. Secondly, a meeting platform called Light Spot that took place during Prague Quadrennial 2015 for five days offering a daily programme composed of brunches, meetings, one workshop, daily keynote lectures, one book launch and other including an informal evening programme. It brought together many lighting designers to a discussion table and opened a possibility of establishing new relations within the lighting community. Thirdly, an interactive eLearning course that is available for free to public, accompanied by a large number of visual materials. There are six courses available, each of which is focused on one of the key issues of lighting design, which is conditioned by laws of culture (1), nature (2), technology (3), space (4), time (5) and bureaucracy (6).

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European Lighting School (ELS) was an international project, of which the Intitute of Lighting Design was one of three participants. 



Within the ELS project,  the organizers have set up the “ELS knowledge center” – an on-line source of information and study materials for education in the field of lighting design.


European Lighting School (ELS) offered hand-on training courses for technicians working in the lighting industry (and others interested in the field) offering them not only substantial enrichment of knowledge of new technologies, but also fostering artistic / creative approach to their usage. There are altogether 8 workshops planned within the ELS project spread between 3 partners in 3 countries:

Institute of Lighting Design, Prague, Czech Republic

Instituut Lichtontwerpen, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Antena – Network for Independent Culture in Slovakia,  Bátovce, Slovakia




In the UK, Italy, Germany etc.,  there is a strong trend of providing training programs for lighting technicians and lighting designers at all levels and in very specific fields in answer to the ramification of the industry. At the same time in Eastern Europe the few training programs on the market are desperately trying to keep pace with the increasing demands.

This is what all the partners separately without any cooperation realized several years ago when they launched their courses.

After few years of offering general training courses and realization of conference CEU Light 2012 (Central European Forum for lighting design organized by COSDAT), COSDAT has realized that there is a growing demand for more specific competences and more modern pedagogy to follow the progress of new technologies not only in Czech Republic but in the whole region of Central Europe. This is why it has contacted several foreign partner institutions to ask them about the potentials in their country as well as to ask them to participate in the present project.

Technology for Theaters and other musical and show programs is progressing fast, the controllers and lighting consoles are more and more complex and it is less and less possible to program and handle them by acquiring skills individually. That is why specific courses are more important nowadays than ever before.

The partnership comprises partners from Central Europe, where such courses do not exist and where the training offer will be widened by these courses as well as one partner from Netherlands which will import its prior best practices and experience.



Light spot


ELS: eLearning Course

An interactive E-learning course that is available at the  web site is aimed to promote…

Mezinárodní workshopy Evropské školy světelného designu