In the centre of School of Lighting Design, there is organization of annual complex (continual) program and particular specialized workshops in the domain of lighting design (including also the sound and video), used in different genres with the special focus on lighting design in performing arts.

Tutors of our courses are renowned Czech and foreign designers who provide good theoretical basis to the students (the history and the present of the field, optical and physical principles, the electrotechnics and the legislation) and with practical skills – work with the light in the classic theatre space but also in the unconventional spaces.

While the courses of continual program mean three-day long sessions, the specialized workshops last from one to three days. Continual program commences by winter term (September – January), which deals with the essential issues of the domain, from February to June, it continues by the cycle of creative workshops. Inscriptions are open for each term separately, while the first-term participants are accepted in preference. The participants are required to pass the tests in the end of a semester in order to evaluate their knowledge, skills and potential of creativity. Their practical work is introduced by final presentation.

If you are interested in participation on continual program or in specialized workshops, do not hesitate to contact us:

Workshops of Institute of Lighting Design take place in cooperation with domestic and world figures in the domain of light design.

Workshops are organised as a part of continual education or as an uniphase sessions. They are based on the central theme – technologic or artistic procedure, on the meetings with important figures of light design and on the news in the domain.

These workshops are often organised in the cooperation with other institutions.

Future workshops

Previsous workshops