Lighting Design Award 2015

The Lighting Design Award, which was given within the festival Czech Dance Platform 2015,  was won by Ann Van den Broek (NL) and Adam Uzelac (CZ) for the lighting design of the performance Phrasing the Pain of the company 420PEOPLE.

The international jury was chaired by foreign experts Katarzyna Łuszczyk (PL), Patrik  Sedlák  (SK) and Ján Ptačin (SK).

The winning lighting design met the best all the criteria that is harmony of art design, quality of technical realization and harmony of lighting design with dramaturgy as a whole.

The lighting design of the winning performance was clear, strong and in the complete harmony with the idea of the whole performance. We sincerely hope that the award is going to help to these  brilliant artist to continue their excellent work.


  • Lighting Design Award