Lighting Design Award 2009

The Lighting Design Award is given within the presentation of contemporary dance and movement theatre called Czech Dance Platform 2009

Considering the fact that lighting design wasn’t still established in domestic conditions, the ISD summoned foreign lighting designers as jury members, so their objectiveness was determined by the criteria of their international experience.

The jury (presided by V. Longuemare and N. v.d. Klugt) gave a special award for lights to Tomáš Morávek for his realization of lighting design for the choreography “DA CAPO” by K. Stupecká.

He received the award from the hands of Niko van der Klugt who was assisted by Simona Rybáková, a chairwoman of ČOSDAT. This ceremony was a part of the opening night of Tanec Praha 2009.

  • Lighting Design Award