Lighting Design Award 2012

Lighting Design Institute’s internationally represented jury was giving the Light Design Award already for fourth time.

The aim of awarding is to motivate Czech lighting designers and to sustain their competitiveness.

This year, the jury presided by French lighting designer Vincent Longuemare awarded Pavel Kotlík for his responsive work with Swedish choreographer Charlotta Öfverholm in the ensemble VerTeDanceFound & Lost.

Vincent Longuemare commented the decision: ”the potential of lighting design at Czech Dance Platform was present, but not always sufficiently developed. Indeed, we feel progressively that the germ of new expression is set in.”

“We awarded Pavel Kotlík in particular for his clearly visible ability to define and constitute functioning space that assists dancers and doesn’t cover nor stifle them, but which is consistent with the performance’s conception,” as explains the viewpoint of the jury Jan Rolník from the Institute of Lighting Design.


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