Laurent Schneegans

Laurent Schneegans’s work is based on tight cooperation with a choreographer and director and on the ability of interpreting and of expressing himself in the space that he supports with the light, thus fills up their joint work but only to preserve the authenticity of their expression. He believes that sensitive use of shades enables the audience to understand the scene better and helps to come through the theatre world. He realizes that although the light is one of the essential elements of the theatre, it cannot stand in the middle of attention.
After finishing studies of theatre technique at INACOM School, he focused on “touring” performances. He started with the lighting design for pieces by Jean-Louis Martin Barbaz in the Centre Dramatique National Béthune.

Between 1989 – 1993 as a photographer, he was managing the Studio Princesse. However in 1993, he returned back to the lighting design with Maria Casarés’ performance. From that time, he has created lighting design for numerous art pieces (with J. P. Andreami, Brigitte Jaques Wajman, Emmanuelle Laborit, Alain Barsacq, Agathe Alexis, Emmanuel Dechartres, Jean Pierre Nortel and so forth), he participated in performances of Paco Decina and Guy Pierre Couleau and cooperated with Philippe Geffroy on his street events.
In 1999, he assisted Marie-Christine Soma in making lighting design for „Jardin planétaire” in great hall La Vilette. Cooperation with Comédie Française on „Savannah Bay” followed. From 1998, he has been working as a workshop lecturer for professionals and amateurs.