WS: Human Eye / Video:

WORKSHOP: Human Eye and its Function / Video as a Source of Light and its Usage in Theatre.

Human Eye and its Function

The sight serves to perception of this world. Thanks to it, we can recognize the light, darkness, colors, shapes and space. It’s the most important sense for man, because we use sight for 80 % of our perception.

That’s why the sight is more important for a lighting technician or designer. But do we understand on what principle it works?


Video as a Source of Light and its Usage in Theatre

Video, video projector isn’t used only to project pictures on a screen nowadays, but it more often appears as a source of light in theatre. Projections are used to complete the set design and in dance performances, it often replaces the lights or it beams a shot of the camera.

Saturday’s topic was live video on the Resolume platform and was focused on the creation of visual content, basics of mapping and live work with the video.

Sunday was focused on live scanning and transmission of the picture with the subheading: The Extreme Limits of the Light.

By using simple creative exercises with the camera, visual spectrum of light comparing with human eye, we moved beyond the visibility.


3. – 5. 4. 2015

Institut umění – Divadelní ústav / Dobeška Theatre

Lecturers: MUDr. Imran Zangi, Jakub Aeldryn, Erik Bartoš


Photo by Natália Zajačiková

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