Martin Špetlík

Martin Špetlík worked as an electrician while still attending a secondary school. He studied architecture but owing to his love of theatre became a professional lighting designer. Following engagements at the Dejvice and Švanda theatres in Prague, in 2007 he became a freelancer. He co-founded the renowned ensembles Tantehorse and Spitfire Company. He has created about 100 lighting designs for performances of various genres, ranging from dance and physical mime theatre, drama productions, site-specific projects, musicals to operas. To name but a few: Mad Cup of Tea (Krepsko, 2007), Obsession (Compagnie Décalages, 2008), One Step before the Fall (Spitfire Co., 2011 – prize for the best lighting design of the year),Marguerite (Alain Boublil, National Moravian-Silesian Theatre in Ostrava, 2011), Uter Que(Tantehorse, 2013) and Krakatit (Švanda Theatre in Prague, 2013). Moreover, he teaches at the Institute of Lighting Design in Prague and pursues other pedagogic activities, serves as technical manager of the Zero Point festival and co-owns a café in Prague.