Isabel Nielen

Isabel Nielen (1964) studied at the Academy of fine arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands. During her studies she deepened in stagedesign for dance. Consequently, there grew a fascination for light that never stopped. With a background in art Isabel Nielen worked many years as a freelance light designer for theatre, dance and opera. She worked for companies like, Onafhankelijk Toneel (OT), Anouk van Dijk DC, Samuel Wuersten, and more. She specialized in light design and technical organization for big outdoor location projects. She worked for Dogtroep, Lunatics and Peergroup. Since 2006 Isabel is involved with the iLo – Institute for light design founded by light designer Henk van der Geest. iLo organizes workshops, conferences and lectures to deepen into the subject of lighting design. iLo also initiates a two-year mentorship and coaching for young professional lighting designers. Isabel is coach and artistic coordinator for iLo. The last 5 years Isabel broadened her field of light design to museum, public spaces and interior design. Recently she was involved in the Amsterdam Light Festival 2012 part of the jury, and responsible for the artistic and technical support of the artists.

“For me, making theatre is a living art. A never ending play between reality and illusion using the power of imagination to create different reflections on our own world.”