WS: History: 9. – 10. 1. 2015

WORKSHOP: History and Development of Theatre Space / Baroque Theatre in Český Krumlov / Final Exams

In the last workshop of the first semester, we focused on the evolution of architectural and stage techniques, including the perception of theatre space (time), period theatre coloring and genre specifics related to time with Jana Návratová. We had an amazing trip to the Baroque Theatre in Český Krumlov with PhDr. Pavel Slavko on Saturday and on Sunday there were final exams of our students with an after party in Alfred in the Courtyard Theatre.

  1. – 11. 1. 2015

Arts and Theatre Institute / Baroque Theatre in Český Krumlov / Alfred in the Courtyard Theatre

Lecturers: Jana Návratová, PhDr. Pavel Slavko



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