WS: Video in the hands of a lighting designer, 20. – 22. 11. 2015

In this autumn, the Institute of Lighting design offered two related workshops on the topic of video and its use in live performance. The workshop was for starting video artists, technicians and all those are interested in executing, creating or designing the visual component of art performances.  The second workshop took place between 20th and 22nd of November.

Video in live performance II:

Video in the hands of a lighting designer

The participants employed knowledge acquired in the previous workshop – They took a look into the creative part of working with video, its integration into the performance and interaction with other components of a performance – with performers (lighting of the scene with a projector, sensors and recording, live stream, IMAG), stage design (video stage design vs stage design complemented with video – mapping), lighting design and music.

Lecturer of the second workshop was renown lighting designer Nick Moran.

Date: 20. – 22. 11. 2015

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